Here are some tips for installing your Dig My Dog decal:

1) Make sure the surface you are going to apply the decal to is clean and dry. Using vinegar and water or a window cleaner is best.

2) If your decal has a straight edge, you will want to line the straight edge up to the bottom or side of the surface you will be applying your decal to. Make sure your lettering is also straight.

3) Gently peel the backing from the straight (bottom or side) edge of your decal, approximately 1/2 inch back from the edge, and adhere the sticky side to the straight edge on your window surface.

4) Slowly peel the rest of the backing off the decal, while adhering the decal to your surface. Be extra careful when peeling the backing off of limbs and tails or any small extended areas so you don’t damage them. You may want to use a credit card or something with a firm, straight edge, to help stick the decal down without any bubbles. Make sure all corners or wisps of hair are well adhered. Use a soft towel to wipe any debris from the surface of your decal and you are done! Note: Applying decals is best done in temperatures cooler than 70 degrees.

5) Note* For decals without any straight edges, it is best to peel the backing off the bottom part of where your decal will start. ie. start at the bottom and work your way up while adhering.

Now go out and Boast your Buddy!