About Us

How it all began:
In 2007, our non-profit animal rescue organization, Indigo Rescue, developed a for-profit business specifically to support our rescue efforts with all of the profits. We believe the smartest thing a non-profit organization can do during a difficult economy is find a way to be self sufficient. So we created OCU at Indigo Ranch, a cage-free dog boarding ranch, where dogs get to stay at a beautiful vacation resort while their families travel. Learn more about OCU at Indigo Ranch here.

As part of our service, we also created the Oregon Canine Express Bus to taxi dogs the 35 mile trip to the ranch. We decided in order to make it fun, we would decorate the bus with vinyl images of some of our rescued dogs, and the result was fantastic! Everyone loved seeing the smiling faces of our rescued dogs. That’s when it hit us…Maybe other people would like to see their dog’s smiling face on their own vehicle! Heck, for that matter, maybe people would like to see their other pets on their car, too! Dig My Dog.com was born. Along with it came Dig My Kitty, and Dig My Buddy! 100% of the profits from Dig My Dog decals will funnel back into supporting the rescue work of Indigo Rescue. We know you’ll love having a vinyl decal of your dog (or other pet) on your car, and you’ll be supporting an animal rescue, too!

Dig My Dog is a subsidiary of Indigo Rescue, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. www.indigorescue.org