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THE ORIGINAL! Custom vinyl decals of YOUR pet.

100% of the profits from DigMyDog.com support animal rescue!!

Our decals have been sold to customers in 34 states and 4 countries so far. Let’s keep it going until they’re riding on cars everywhere in the world!


Are you proud of your pooch? Of course you are! Why not show off your four legged best friend to the rest of the world? But WAIT! What about your kitty, horse, bunny, guinea pig, ferret, bird, or other buddy? We also have DigMyKitty, DigMyHorse, and DigMyBuddy decals. So you can boast your animal pal no matter who, or what they are!

DigMyDog custom decals are the hottest new way to boast your buddy while on the road doin’ your thing, right on the window of your car!

A high resolution JPG photo of your pet is all we need to create a fantastic one-of-a-kind vinyl decal you can put on the outside of your car window or any other smooth surface. Note: Vinyl decals can be applied to the painted parts of your car, but be warned, they will not come off easily and could damage the paint.

DigMyDog decals are not bumper stickers. These decals are hand cut by our wonderful volunteers from a sturdy vinyl material that will last for three to four years without ever cracking or fading. They can go through a car wash, too! These are much more personal than any stick figures…

The BEST bonus! 100% of the profits from your purchase of DigMyDog decals supports Indigo Rescue, a non profit animal rescue organization based in Oregon. Learn more about Indigo Rescue here.

Make a tribute to your beloved pet. Lots of people have chosen to make a decal of their pets who have already crossed over. What a great way to pay tribute to your pet, while supporting an animal rescue!

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